• Thirty Nine Years Later
  • Neununddreißig Jahre spater / Thirty-Nine Years Later

    “…we stand at the beginning of a festival, we know of the serious hour indicated on the world clock, we know how much of what grows optimistic shoots and seeks the warm spring sun can be utterly destroyed by a summer storm. What can we do with little influence is one small province, in one small nation, when elemental forces of passion collide in a global storm? Such times need steadfast individuals, with a clear conscience and honest intentions, to raise hope of a fortunate turn to the better. Sterlischer Herbst is an idea of peace; beyond all it wants to achieve and all intellectual forces of science and art to unfold, the original idea is moral.” (extract) Hans Koren, 1968

    This speech was originally held by the Austrian politician Hans Koren during the 1968 opening of Steirischer Herbst. At the same event, yet almost three decades later,  the speech was re-introduced, this time held by a local politician, citing Koren’s words verbatim. This update of a historical text, not labeled as an artistic performance, communicated not only the changes in the discourse of art and society, but also the very alterations in political rhetoric and the communication of ideology during the last forty years.

    Performance 30 min, 2006. Commission for Reading Back And Forth / Sterlischer Herbst, Graz